Adelaide Hills Porcini & Black Truffle Salt



Veg, Vegan, GF

Characteristics: Strong Unami, salty

Porcini & Truffle salt is a strong unami flavoured Porcini powerhouse fused with the rich earthy tones of Black Truffle & sea salt. It takes you on a flavour journey that is out of this world! Two of the most famous European flavours combine in a really easy to use fomat, just sprinkle on!   

Try it on:

  • Any meats especially Beef, Chicken or pork
  • Tuna or Sushi
  • BBQ seasoning for meat or vegetarian sausages
  • Mushroom seasoning
  • Pasta, Risotto or even Stir fry
  • General season all in place of regular salt with a serious gourmet twist!


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