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“I am another fan of the mushroom man, whose alter ego is Marco. The mushrooms are very fresh and there is a wide variety but there are always mushrooms on sale which are very well priced compared to your regular fruit and veg shop. Walking past the other day, I was drawn in by the smell of mushrooms gently frying, such a great aroma. I am always fascinated by the strange looking and odd shaped Asian mushrooms, however I am more a devotee of the Swiss brown variety. As well as a wide variety of mushrooms, they specialise in truffles and truffle oils if you want to create something very gourmet.”
Alison P.

“This is a must for all mushroom fans. The store offers quality produce to suit all budgets, from the humble button mushroom to wild mushrooms and luxurious gourmet mushrooms from around the world. The stall’s showpiece is the finest of fine food, the truffle. Mushroom man offers cheaper alternative truffle products, but it’s worth forking out a little bit extra once in a while to create a real treat. Sometimes Mushroom Man sells tasty truffles from Tasmania, and I always opt to buy Australian food where possible, and it regularly imports Asian, Italian and French truffles. The Summer ones tend to be about a third of the price of winter truffles, but it’s still going to be more than Swiss Brown mushrooms. If you’re as mad for mushrooms as me, instead of blowing $50-$100 on a night out, push the boat out and have an extravagant night in with loved ones. Spoil them with a mouth-watering truffle dish – and why not go the whole hog and throw in some wild mushrooms while you’re at it, all thanks to Mushroom Man’s Mushroom Shop.”
Rebecca F.

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