Trompet, Speck and Sweet Potato Risotto

Serves 4

15 gms Dried Trompette
1 cup dry white wine
1 brown onion finely diced
100 gms Sweet potato Finely diced
80 gms Speck diced
2 cups Aborio Rice
5 cups Chicken Stock
2 tbs basil roughly torn
2 tbs olive oil
Sea salt and white pepper to taste
Squeeze fresh lemon juice
2 tbs mascarpone

Heat the white wine to almost boiling. add the dried mushrooms and rehydrate for 20 mins. In a heavy base pot, heat the olive oil on a medium heat add the onions and cook until soft stirring regularly to ensure even cooking. Add the rice and toast for a couple of mins. Strain the Mushrooms and add the liquid to the pot. Cook until the rice has absorbed the liquid. Add 3/4 of the stock and bring to the boil and cook for 5 mins. Add the remaining stock and the mushrooms and turn the heat down slightly until the stock is just simmering. Stir regularly to avoid sticking to the pot. Cook untilall the liquid has been absorbed and rice is cooked. In a heavy fry pan heat on medium/low heat and dry fry the speck to render the fat and make it crispy. Once the fat has started to cover the pan add the sweetpotato, cook until both the speck is crispy and the potato is golden and soft, about 6 mins. Adjust the seasoning for the risotto, using a slotted spoon remove the contents of the fry pan and fold them through the cooked rice. Add the basil, lemon juice and mascarpone and adjust seasoning.

Gourmet options: Use Black garlic and wild mushroom salt to replace sea salt Dress finished risotto with truffle oil Use Bacon stock to replace chicken stock

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