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The Mushroom Man's Mushroom Shop is an icon of food specialisation in Adelaide. Found nestled in the southwest corner of the historic and heritage listed Adelaide Central Market, The Mushroom Shop caters for the budget concious, the gourmet enthusiast, right through to the five star chef or food authority.

Our success is based on 30 years of family history within the Central Market, excellent value for money, efficient and professional service and exceptional quality mushrooms (and more recently truffles), are the hallmarks of the Mushroom Shop.

An ever increasing range of gourmet products and specialty mushrooms takes our customers through an ever-evolving mushroom and gourmet food experience. From the basic white button, to the sophistication of porcini mushrooms, to the sublime indulgence of some of the world's best truffles, the Mushroom Man's Mushroom Shop has redefined the mushroom experience for the food-loving public of Adelaide.

Featured products

Porcini (Adelaide Hills)

Fresh Porcini mushrooms, locally sourced. Amazing! Porcini are considered to be the most highly prized of the edible fungi and are valued for their meaty texture and nutty flavour.

Our price: AUD 12.00
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Black Garlic

Black Garlic is white Garlic which has been aged under strict patented conditions. Nothing is added to the Garlic apart from heat and time. The Garlic naturally turns black, soft and sweet. The flavours and texture are reminiscent of molasses, fig and raisin with a very subtle undertone of sweet Garlic.

This ageing process removes the smell that stays with you when you consume white garlic. The ageing process also naturally increases Garlic's antioxidant count so Black Garlic has all the health benefits of white garlic but nearly double the anti oxidants.

Priced per punnet (approx 38 grams)

Our price: AUD 5.00
Shitake (local)

Shitake is probably the most common Asian mushroom in Australia. Heralding originally from Japan . its traditionally known as a medicine with a massive list of anecdotal health benefits. Equally important is the fact they taste magnificent! Strong, rich and earthy, they are often refered to as 'meaty' in texture. Great in stirfrys, soups, sauces and accompanying meat and chicken dishes well.

Available in 100 gram packs.

Our price: AUD 4.95