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Porcini (Adelaide Hills)

Fresh Porcini mushrooms, locally sourced. Amazing! Porcini are considered to be the most highly prized of the edible fungi and are valued for their meaty texture and nutty flavour.

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Black Garlic

Black Garlic is white Garlic which has been aged under strict patented conditions. Nothing is added to the Garlic apart from heat and time. The Garlic naturally turns black, soft and sweet. The flavours and texture are reminiscent of molasses, fig and raisin with a very subtle undertone of sweet Garlic.

This ageing process removes the smell that stays with you when you consume white garlic. The ageing process also naturally increases Garlic's antioxidant count so Black Garlic has all the health benefits of white garlic but nearly double the anti oxidants.

Priced per punnet (approx 38 grams)

Our price: AUD 5.00
Chanterelles (Girolle)

Available June to October.

Chanterelles are a aromatic wild mushroom that not only taste delicious but also add a beautiful golden colour to dishes. They have a meaty, chewy texture and hold their shape and flavour, which makes them perfect for slow cooking in stews, soups, creamy sauces, pasta, or even baking.

Prices will vary depending on which variety but $150-$200 per kilo is a safe guide.

Our price: AUD 150.00
French Summer Truffles

French Summer Truffles (Tubr Astivum)
Available June-mid September

French Black summer truffles are a milder variety of truffle that we stock during the European summer. They have a black outer skin and a creamy, greyish flesh with a mild aroma and mid-range earthy flavour. They are excellent for the truffle 'novice' as a good starting point to experience seeing what truffles are all about - particularly as they tend to be about 1/3 of the price of a winter truffle. This season they have and are selling for $1 per gram or $1000 per kilo.

Available for pick up only from Mushroom Man's Mushroom Shop - Stall 68 Central Market Adelaide.

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Truffle Oil (60ml)

Take the heady rich aromas of White Truffle and infuse them with the earthy richness of Black Truffle and you have a sensational taste fusion capturing the best of both worlds. Using the best of traditional and cutting edge methods with rich Australian olive oil we have created an amazing gourmet delicacy to delight your taste buds. Try our truffle oil with pasta, Risotto, eggs, potatoes right through to soups and salads!

Genuine Infusion, Real Flavour!

Our price: AUD 9.95